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Dayman The springs are located 10 minutes from downtown Salto on Route 3 in the 487 km and 440 km from Buenos Aires Complex Thermal Baths Dayman Salto has rich mineral waters and absolutely clear. Has 12 swimming pools of thermal water with excellent therapeutic qualities, with temperatures reaching the range 44 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature at hot springs in Uruguay.

Water Dayman possess chemical components such as iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium and fluorine, arsenic remains negative and low in sulfates and nitrates and radioactivity clear and permanent, ie that reu ne conditions for its application in crenoterapia .- It is a proposal for comprehensive health benefits, in this natural environment, unique, with soft music and an elegant park with native species, ideal for Rest.

In Paradise Village can enjoy peace and tranquility that you want in your next vacation, enjoy long walks in our gardens, our swimming pool, the services we provide for your stay unforgettable.

Quality, service and tranquility that we have won awards abroad, we have several options for your convenience, from rooms, cottages and bungalows clasicos of your stay so do a complete comfort.